Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pre Mohican 100

Well, it feels quite different going this year going into these 100 milers having done them last year. I feel almost too mellow, so mellow I seem to have to gotten a cold :( :(, which needless to say is bumming me out as my training has been great and the rest going into this race has been going well. I did the Team Bums mtn bike time trial last night and my legs felt pretty good, I just was a bit off through the technical, twisty, tough 6 mile course. I liken it to playing Operation. I managed to scrape a few trees and dabble quite a few times and still not beat the previous week's best time :( :( oh well... I was tempted to try one more time last night but thought better of it and well wrapping myself around a tree or a rock or my bike doing similar... not a good idea. That, and I could tell I was feeling pretty congested and getting a sore throat. geez!!! I'm going to suck it up and try some hard liquor tonight to knock it out of my system. Other than that, it's packing to get going and on the road first thing tomorrow morning. I'll have a write up post race (monday??)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

My first blog

Hey all,
Just trying this all out... I'm behind in technology times. Too much time riding my bike. I'll post some race reports and various training escapades shortly.