Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pre Lumberjack Michigan Race

So, it's just about time to head out for the 2nd 100 miler. I can't say I'm in the same mellow place I was going into the Mohican race. I wish I was... that was nice. I'm not too nervous, but just a bit anxious to get going, and well, I do feel some pressure to live up to the past performance. I'll be spending a lot of the drive reminding myself what fun this course is and that's the whole point to have fun, right? I had the 'dream" earlier this week that it was race day, and it was pouring torrential rain, and nobody wanted to race but they started the race anyways, and well I waited some for no particular good reason but then i went to get ready to go and realized i had not water and road to some convenience store that didn't have any gallons, and well it was just turning into such a struggle.. and then I woke up and reminded myself it's not till Saturday, phew... silly pre-race jitters.

On a positive, I'm not sick.. Yeah!! And I'll be meeting up with my friend Doug in Erie, PA so I don't have to do the whole drive alone. Yeah!! And my friend Paul, who lives downstairs from me is taking care of my dog, so I dont' have to drive him anywhere which is nice. Yeah! And really, this course was so much fun last year. It's the only one of the series I've done that does 4 laps, and well, at least I remember having a lot of fun on the first two laps and then getting through the last two... and still loving my new specialized epic. Hopefully, this will be the same smiley face race day morning...

I will try to get a race report up on Monday night when I get back, from the long long drive.

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